Gifts DIY style

Do you feel like the holidays just whizzed by? Well, I can’t believe I’m back at work and back in the rat race once again. Sigh… oh to be on holiday forever… ANYWAY! back to reality. Today I would like to share a few more of my homemade gifts with you. I think they are “oh so pretty” :), my family and friends think that they are pretty awesome too, so now I get to share them with you. Here goes:




Can you believe I made these three items!? All the bits and pieces were purchased from craft shops, hardware stores and even our local supermarket. I used Instagram filters for a more realistic view of what they actually look like. The unedited photographs tend to make the wood look flat, like it has no grain and the grain is the star of the show you know. Without it there would be flat boring nothingness. So yay for grainy wood! I could create things all day long, the messier, the better. The only think I need to learn, is how to use powertools (hehe – naughty grin), then there’s no stopping me :).