Living a balanced life

Becoming a parent is the most wonderful, amazing, beautiful thing in the world, but it has it’s challenges. Number one challenge = work/life balance. The struggle is real! Sometimes things feel tilted in the wrong direction, but we always manage to pull in the reigns. Vince and I both work toward creating a loving home with minimal work impact.

Weekdays are hectic for us and we barely touch sides. Luckily Vince and I have a good system in place. I take care of Matt and he does, basically EVERYTHING else. Yip, I hit the jackpot! He can cook AND clean. We find that sticking to a routine works amazingly well. It keeps our lives manageable and structured and I LOVE routine. Like completely obsessed. I thrive on routine. It makes me feel calm and in control. There are some days that are unavoidably chaotic, but thankfully, most days, we get it right.

Here are a few things that help us keep things on track:

  • We share household chores and responsibilities.
  • We clean up as we go and try not to let the house get too messy.
  • I cook Matthew’s dinner for the week on a Sunday and freeze it in containers, he eats as soon as we arrive home, the little man is ravenous by that time.
  • I do one load of washing a day to prevent a build up.
  • Multitasking is key! I often do a few things at once. For instance, when I make our morning tea, I prepare Matt’s breakfast, as well as food for our fur babies. I also feed Matt while I have my morning tea.
  • We leave for work at the same time, it helps when there are two of us locking up and loading cars.
  • Vince makes easy dinners, that are yummy and nutritious. He has mastered the art.
  • We do most of our shopping over weekends, so we only have to pop into the shop for milk and bread.
  • We allow Matt to watch one episode of Barney in the mornings, this gives us time to make lunches and get ourselves ready for the day.
  • I have started getting our outfits ready for work the night before, saving us time.

I’m sure there are ways to improve our schedule but all of the above seem to be working. Parenting is hard work but I am so proud that Vince and I are working so well and doing this 100% together.

And lastly, about our weekends, they are precious, we get to spend quality time with our boy. He loves one on one playtime, so we do that as much as possible. We also try to take him on a fun outing and stick to our routine as best as we can. Especially when it comes to meal times and nap times. Having a happy, healthy baby is priority number one!



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