Snail trail

I am literally leaving a snail trail around the house! And in the process I am driving my (very patient) husband crazy. I have just received a delivery of 10 ceramic snails! Yes 10. Maybe I am going nuts, but there is a method in my madness.

Since the creation of Timothy (you can see him here), the snail I mosaiced for a friend, I’ve had so many requests from people wanting the very same thing. Who knew snails could be so popular. This puts me in a bit of a predicament, I created Timothy with love for a dear friend and I sort of wanted him to be a one-of-a-kind. But alas, it was not to be, AND how could I turn down the extra cash! Life is expensive and every penny helps. So… I ordered 10 snails. I only have standing orders for 5 but I thought I might as well order 10. Just for good measure. Just in case. Agree?

I have started mosaicing two (you may recognise Tiny Tim from this post) and I painted one silver. Vince hates my silver snail but everybody else loves it. I still might mosaic him, just gotta live with him for a while and see what’s best for him. Here he is, in the flesh :).


Mosaicing requires a lot of patience. It is not for the faint hearted. It takes a long time to complete a project and it’s a costly hobby. Here are a few of my favourite tools!


  1. Tile snapper – snaps pieces of glass in half
  2. Glass cutter – I can cut any shape out of glass with this amazing tool. Expensive but worth every penny!
  3. Rubber cutting mat – to protect the tools and surfaces around my home (like the kitchen coutertops – eeck!)
  4. Tile nipper – nips off little edges when a piece of glass just won’t fit
  5. Genkem Wood glue – I use different glue for different projects for this project I opted for trusty old wood glue. Dries quicky and sticks fast!

There are some other tools that I would like to have but that will come in time. For now I am happy with what I’ve got.

This is what the snails are looking like at the moment. The large white one (I shall call him Vanilla Ice) is from my new shipment of snails and Tiny Tim is one that I already had, he just needed a bit of bling ūüôā (yes, I will probably name ALL of the snails).

two snails

Vince is lucky I’m only busy with two, if I had the space I would have all ten prepped and ready for action. I’m one of those people! Yep, the kind that have a million projects going at once. My house is chaos 90% of the time! One day I will have a beautiful craft room with loads of space for EVERYTHING! Oh what a dream. Sigh…

Here is a close up, so you can get an idea of how small those pieces of glass are. Teeny I tell you, and it’s taking me forever!


I will post pics of these two babies when they are finally complete. They are going to look amazing. AMAZING! (even if I say so myself #nothinglikealittlebitofselfpromotion).


Lucky number 12

So my mosaicing is becoming a real little money-maker! Ok, so I won’t be quiting my job anytime soon, but it does bring in some extra cash (chaching!). The most recent mosaic order was for a house number, the number 12. This means double trouble! Two numbers instead of one, eeeeck. AND to be done in only one week. Whew, time to get down to business.

As usual, Vince was roped in, I needed somebody to cut numbers out of wood (jigsaw+me = not friends). So after the tracing, the cutting, the drilling and the painting, I could get started on the glueing. This is a pic of the number in progress, I had just started glueing the pieces of cut mirror onto the wooden number.


It does take a while to get the momentum going, but once it’s going, you just can’t stop me. I become obsessed! Waking up at 5am in the morning to mosaic before I go to work is like the best. thing. EVER. Totally obsessed! Sometimes I drive Vince crazy, but I just can’t help myself. Here is a pic of the finished product all glued and grouted and polished. See than shine? Nothing like good ol’ elbow grease.


My client was soooooo happy and even placed an order for a mosaiced mirror. Yay for happy clients and more orders! I must be doing something right. ūüôā

Special gifts for special people

This is a vase I mosaiced for my very special friend, Helen. She totally loved it!!!!

This is a gift I mosaiced for our annual Dinner Club Christmas Party. I hope the girl who gets this loves it as much as I do.

I will be starting a new mosaic this weekend so expect a post about that soon. I will show you step by step how I bring my ideas to life.

PS: Sorry about the post-overload but I’m totally addicted. I am on holiday from today so there will be less posts in the next few days as we will be busy busy bees. We have so much to do before Christmas!!!!

Mirror, mirror on the wall

I started the ancient art of mosaicing a few years ago when my much loved gold framed mirror shattered into a million pieces. I was devastated, my heart was shattered. (I’m sensitive like that).¬† Diligently, I collected all the teeny tiny shards of glass. Vince thought I was going stark raving mad!!! I can still hear him asking “what on earth are you going to do with all of that broken mirror?” Well, thanks to that broken mirror, I now have the pleasure of creating beautiful pieces of art. My new motto is “I will create beautiful things, even if nobody cares.” As it turns out, people do care and, to my surprise, have ordered mosaics from me. Wow!!! AND when birthdays and Christmas roll around, I find my loved ones hinting for a special one-of-a-kind mosaic gift.

Now let me get right down to the point. I was asked to mosaic a mirror for a friend of a friend. Of course I said “No problem, I will do it with pleasure.” This mirror turned out to be a great BIG mammoth task. Ok, maybe I’m exagerating just a wee bit, but I did sit for hours and hours mosaicing, and had a meltdown (or two). I thought I would never get this mirror finished and I constantly worried that it wouldn’t be good enough and that all my hard work would be for nothing! Aaarhg, those were dark days. But the dark days faded and eventually I finished the mirror and Charmaine LOVED it.

Here is a pic of the completed mirror.

Please excuse the bad picture quality, these pics were taken with my Blackberry. I really need to learn how to snap pics with my proper camera. I will try really hard from now on, promise.

This is the half-completed mirror. The mirror is 800mmx800mm and the width of the frame is 400mm.

And here is the mirror with my hand in the picture just to give you a rough idea of the size.

I will give you guys a breakdown of all the tools I use for these projects. Expect a lot more posts about mosaicing. I’m totally hooked, I just wanna mosaic all day long!!!!