The Story of Us

Our adoption story began in February 2016, the very month our little boy was born. Our precious little gift from God. Who knew, that as we were starting our journey into parenthood, he was starting his journey into the world. Amazing!

The adoption process was emotional. I took a lot of strain. It started off with a three-day screening process that included marriage counselling and a lot of self exploration. Vince and I learnt so much about each other and ourselves. It was extremely emotional, I cried a lot, but there were also happy times, where we laughed about things. The whole process brought us closer together, Vince was amazing, so supportive. Best. Husband. Ever.

After completing the screening process, and submitting mounds of paperwork, we were finally matched with Matthew in October 2016. Just seven months after our screening. We were overjoyed!!!!! We still are…

This is one of the first photos that we were sent. How cute!

The only thing was… We had to wait for a court date so we could finalise the adoption. For three LONG months we were on an emotional rollercoaster. We just wanted our boy home.

After an agonisingly long wait, we were finally able to fetch him on 23 December 2016. Oh happy day! I will never forget meeting Matthew for the first time. When the social worker brought him into the room, he smiled at us, a little unsure. Vince held him first but he wouldn’t settle so I took over and soon he was asleep in my arms. It was like the best dream ever. We then put him in the car and began our long journey home. We had the best Christmas and count our blessings everyday!

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